AI in Banking

AI in Banking

Holistic customer analytics

Personal profile data, spending history, social media data, transaction data, asset information and demographic data can provide a much more holistic view of a prospective client, instead of past credit scores. In this age of data abundance, the financial services industry can take advantage of new data sources when approachin

Catch fraud and save millions

Fraud is one of the biggest expenses for the financial services industry. A 1% improvement in catching fraudulent transactions typically results in millions of dollars in savings. Not only can AI catch fraudulent activity with improved accuracy, the technology can also adapt to ever-changing fraud patterns. With advances in deep learning algorithms running on GPU’s, AI pushes fraud detection to the next level.

Innovative financial services products

AI can detect payment frauds, money laundering activities, and perform speech recognition and NLP for customer services, and more. The financial services industry can take advantage of all the smart applications embedded with AI in daily practice.

Lead the financial services transformation with AI today

With AI, the financial services industry can fundamentally change the way it does business: fraudulent payment and money-laundering behaviors can be detected faster and with better accuracy, and customers can be funneled through proper service channels. Engage with today to lead the financial services transformation.