Data Science

ADA Saves Us Time and Accelerates Results


ADA gives data science teams a secure cloud platform, to share, store and analyze data with a wide range of languages and methods. ADA is a fully-managed cloud data platform for analytics, and the fastest way to get fully-managed, production-grade Spark, Hadoop and MPP SQL environments. Analysts can use built-in tools, common languages (R, Python, SQL) or connect with other applications. The service also includes simple interfaces for moving data, with built-in encryption and security features.

Now analytics and data science teams can:

  • Prioritize analytics, not dev-ops, in team hiring and resources
  • Use budget wisely (50-80% less than DIY) and get the benefits of new technologies
  • Collaborate and share data securely from different locations
  • Use preferred tools and languages in a powerful distributed processing environment
  • Stay efficient, with common datasets and tool versions

“ADA is important for recruiting data scientists and keeping them interested.”

Eric Tyree

( Chief Data Scientist )


Fast Setup, Simple Bills

ADA gets teams provisioned in hours, with secure hybrid deployments in about two weeks. ADA has intuitive web-based interfaces, so teams can be immediately productive with ADA without any special training or ramp-up time.

Solutions include cloud infrastructure (Azure or AWS), database and software licenses, analytic tools and all operations and management on one bill.

Flexible Platform

Single platform and service for cloud data processing and analytics, which includes storage, data and analytics engines, data movers, security, encryption and more.

Supports a wide range of analytics and connects easily with other analytic applications; simple to use R, Python, Java, Scala, etc. with all the benefits of Spark, Hadoop and other database engines.

Fully-Managed and Secure

ADA’s platform is fully-managed, so your team doesn’t have to worry about maintenance or operations.

Security is fundamental to ADA, which has compliance certifications and recognized in-house expertise. Solutions include security gateway software and processes. ADA is well-versed at working with enterprise security and networking teams.


ADA offers solutions “as a service” on our fully-managed platform which are typically provisioned and ready in two hours. Our intelligent provisioning processes ensure the ideal configuration for each use case and price-performance requirements.

Data Science Sandbox as a Service

Accelerate advanced analytics and data science with a fully-managed cloud environment that simplifies running R, Python and other methods on Apache Spark.

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