Fully Managed

Fully-Managed, Automated and Efficient

|ADA’s solutions are fully-managed, end-to-end, for a seamless, secure analytics experience every time. That’s unique, compared to the alternatives. “Do it yourself” big data platform projects require assembling multiple components, services and vendors — as well as managing your own security, compliance and governance.

ADA gives you everything you need in one service. Contact us to learn how fully-managed data and analytics solutions accelerate projects by months, simplify cost management and help teams stay productive.

ADA Fully-Managed Big Data as a Service vs. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
ADA Fully-Managed Platform as a Service (PaaS)
All-in-onePlatform, with end-to-end integrated capabilities for data analytics
Hybrid Gateway, enabling “plug & play” integration with any data sources and tools (cloud or on-prem)
Comprehensive Security, Governance and Compliance at cluster, data and user level
Workload and Pipeline SLA for best price-performance, with ongoing optimization
Production Operations, including management, 24×7 monitoring, upgrades and support
Portability and Flexibility, embedding a choice of best-of-breed data technologies across multiple clouds

ADA’s fully-managed solutions are delivered on an automated platform, with holistic, 24×7 monitoring. When we say “fully” managed, we mean it! Solutions are intelligently provisioned, optimized for your workloads and supported, so your team can use the cloud confidently and cost-effectively.

All-in-one Platform

One end-to-end service includes out-of-the-box integrated capabilities for Data Ingestion + Cloud Storage + Compute + Tool Integration. Analysts get an optimized, seamless experience every time. Simplify cost management with subscription services on one bill, and a single support contact.

  • Faster time to production (weeks vs. months)
  • Scale quickly with automation
  • Reduce costs, ½ TCO of “DIY” platforms
  • Lower risk with optimized experience, single bill and white-glove support
Hybrid Gateway

Get true “plug & play” deployment via ADA’s software gateway. The gateway securely connects any data sources, for easy data ingestion. It also makes it easy to use any analytic tools with data stored in ADA. Add new machine learning and analytics capabilities quickly, via the ADA App Cloud, which makes it easy to deploy and connect 3rd party tools.

  • Agile; No DevOps skills to connect and ingest data.
  • Securely connect and integrate with any tools.
  • Optimized, end-to-end experience
Comprehensive Security & Monitoring

ADA delivers category-leading security capabilities. With ADA, enterprise-grade security, governance and compliance functions at cluster, data and user level are provided “out of the box.” ADA integrates with enterprise policies and controls, and includes role-based access, encryption with key management, logging, patching, validation and ongoing security operations.

  • Comprehensive security, monitoring & compliance “out of the box”
  • Reduce cost and time to production
  • Automation reduces risk vs. manual controls
WorkloadLevel SLAs (Not Just Cloud or Cluster)

Enjoy the best price-performance automatically with ADA. Our workload SLA goes far beyond simple cloud or cluster availability. Ensure analytic performance and productivity, with solutions that include ongoing workload management, optimization, cluster and cloud management, with 24 x 7 workload support and resolution.

  • Workload SLA and optimization ensures agility
  • Best price-performance ratio automatically
  • Reduces costly over-provisioning and expensive manual errors
  • No DevOps expertise or time required to continually tune workloads and clusters
Production Operations Included

Solutions are delivered on ADA’s automated, managed platform, with white-glove support and deep enterprise expertise. The platform is monitored 24×7 with automatic resolution, which means, we’ll actually fix things, rather than just sending you an alert. Solutions include all upgrades, including validation and testing between platform components. ADA uses automation + expertise for a seamless, fully-managed experience.

  • Improve agility with fully-managed service
  • No need for new DevOps resources — includes end-to-end upgrades, security patching
  • Scale internal ops teams using automation, without adding new headcount
  • Reduce risks inherent in manual processes
The Ultimate Cloud Flexibility & Portability

ADA is supported on multiple clouds and embeds the latest best-of-breed data processing technologies. That means you have access to the best of the cloud + big data technologies, across multiple vendors, in a single platform.

  • Reduce risk of long-term lock-in
  • Evolve to a multi-cloud, multi-database architecture
  • Get flexibility in cloud choices and performance options