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ADA is our Data Warehousing Team


ADA simplifies business intelligence and analytics with fully-managed solutions for data warehousing. Improve data access and performance, while maintaining enterprise standards. Now analytics teams can access and share data in the cloud securely, without any special skills or time required for setup or administration.

Use preferred analytics tools (Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik, etc) or SQL on data stored in ADA. ADA’s “as a service” solutions embed proven MPP SQL database engines like Amazon Redshift and Pivotal Greenplum. ADA automatically optimizes databases for best price-performance and adds in key features for secure data movement, encryption and simple connectors for data sources and tools. Get everything you need to support BI and analytics in the cloud in one service, with simple billing and support.

Now business intelligence and analytics teams can:

  • Access and share data more efficiently
  • Use the cloud for BI and analytics, without any special skills
  • Reduce data warehousing costs by 50-80%, get predictable cloud bills
  • Augment or add new data marts easily and securely
  • Use any analytics tool or application on data stored in the cloud

Secure and Fully-Managed

ADA’s platform is fully-managed. Teams don’t need any special skills to use cloud data warehousing – and won’t waste any time troubleshooting.

Security is fundamental to ADA, which is why it regularly wins IT evaluations as the best fit for enterprise environments. ADA solutions include compliance certifications, additional security software and features.

Easy Data Movement

Authorized users can encrypt and move data to the cloud with just a few clicks in ADA’s web interface. This solves a critical challenge in cloud migrations for analytics and BI projects.

ADA’s data movement functions are built to enterprise IT standards, but simple for any analyst to use. Move data to and from the cloud, worry-free.

Any BI Apps on Cloud Data

Connect to data stored in ADA with most analytics or visualization tools – and without a complex integration project. ADA includes built-in connectors and industry-standard interfaces to support almost any applications.

ADA can “drop in” to enterprise environments with no downtime or training time, giving teams instant access to a high-performance cloud environment for BI and analytics.


ADA offers solutions “as a service” on our fully-managed platform. The platform is automated and optimized to deliver the best price-performance for BI and analytics workloads.

Data Mart as a Service

Whether you call it a data warehouse or a data mart (augmenting another enterprise data warehouse), ADA makes it simple to get MPP SQL databases in the cloud. No special skills are required for setup or administration, so you can get started quickly.

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