AI in Telecom

AI in Telecom

Network Expands Beyond Humans

Networks continue to grow in scale and complexity exponentially, especially with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT). We are long, long past the point where humans can manage this network expansion. AI can “observe” patterns in network data directly, report and predict anomalies and attacks without human intervention.

Predictive Maintenance Yields High Return

Proactively performing maintenance on network equipment and assets such as service vehicles can yield a significant return in OPEX and customer satisfaction. For instance, Telecom companies can perform predictive maintenance on the batteries of service vehicles to save costs such as towing, repairs, loss of productivity and customer goodwill. Studies have shown that millions of dollars can be saved by predictive maintenance.

Stay Ahead in Network Management

AI empowers organizations to self-manage their network and data center regardless of scale and complexity, stay ahead of security attacks, embed intelligence at the edge, and enhance customer service. Be it for network virtualization, the internet of Things (IoT), mobile device management, or Cloud management, AI has become an irreplaceable component.

AI in Your Network

AI delivers event assessment, security enhancement, and service enhancement in your network. Optimization, prediction and modeling are performed to ensure your network runs in a robust and performant state without threats, even when its size grows 10,000 fold or more. Trust ADA to optimize your network and resources today!