Why RStudio Server Pro from ADA? Simple. Secure. Spark-Powered.


Analysts love RStudio for its interface to the powerful R programming language. Many already use the free version of RStudio on their individual desktops and laptops. RStudio Server Pro provides a powerful team environment for R users – and ADA supercharges that experience by putting RStudio Server Pro on fast cloud infrastructure with Spark and Hadoop (Cloudera EDH), sparklyr and other components and delivering it as a cloud service. ADA delivers a fast, secure RStudio Server Pro environment on Azure and AWS, with easy web interfaces, data movers and more.

Getting RStudio Server Pro via ADA means a fast infrastructure, optimized for cloud performance. It also means more efficient collaboration, lower cloud costs and a flexible analytical environment that connects people, ideas and data. Now teams can collaborate in a secure cloud environment, without worrying about infrastructure. No more wasted time sorting out incompatible tools, dealing with inconsistent datasets and managing different versions. ADA and RStudio for cloud analytics can support a more productive, inspired team and better results.

RStudio Server Pro is embedded into ADA’s Data Science Sandbox as a service, which is available on Microsoft Azure or AWS. ADA includes critical functions such as data movement and security, functions that enterprise teams would otherwise have to build themselves or get devops or someone else to build and maintain. No need to work with multiple vendors or expensive service providers to get RStudio Server Pro + Spark and Hadoop (Cloudera EDH) + Azure or AWS – instead, choose ADA. One vendor. One bill. One phone number to call if things aren’t working perfectly. No troubleshooting required.


RStudio Server Pro on ADA helps your team take full advantage of the analytic capabilities of R within a common environment for sharing data, models and code. Imagine – now you can access RStudio securely from any web browser, like you’re used to today, while sharing projects, code and data in a common environment.

Top reasons to use RStudio Server Pro in the cloud with ADA:

  • 1. One powerful platform for RStudio Server Pro with data movers, security, sparklyr, Spark and Hadoop (Cloudera EDH) and more, simplified and accessible in a few clicks. Everything is integrated, optimized and abstracted behind a web interface. And it’s regularly upgraded so you have access to the latest technology updates.
  • 2. Easy data loading and built-in encryption. ADA includes built-in data movers, that compress and encrypt data as it moves to or from the cloud. We can connect to enterprise data sources like data warehouses, data integration or other data streams – and we make it easy to get data from SaaS applications and cloud sources.
  • 3. Enterprise-grade security with cloud scalability. It’s not like you don’t know about the potential power of the cloud. It’s just that security is a really big deal. We know. ADA gives your team RStudio Server Pro in a single-tenant “private” datacloud on Azure or AWS. You get ADA software for secure access from anywhere. And best of all – we set it all up, and work with your security team. Read more about ADA’s enterprise security differentiators here.
  • 4. Cost-effective, with zero devops required and fully-managed, monitored and supported. ADA manages all updates – not to mention configuration, security and monitoring – so your team can focus on analytics and insights. If something goes wrong, just call us and we’ll make it right. You’ll get the best price-performance, the best service and the best enterprise experience with RStudio Server Pro in the cloud.

“The advantage we’ve got with ADA, it’s allowed us to just turn the key on and really be able to hit the ground running.”

Craig Haughan

VP of Data Solutions

Carlson Wagonlit Travel


ADA incorporates a variety of best-of-breed analytic technologies into our big data platform as a service, optimizes them and delivers them as a single subscription service. So when you spin up a ADA Data Science Sandbox as a Service, RStudio Server Pro is already integrated and ready to go within a secure, fully-managed environment. You can access RStudio from a web browser – without months of effort or devops required to set up or manage a cloud analytic environment on your own.

ADA’s data science service with RStudio Server Pro, sparklyr and Spark is available on Microsoft Azure and AWS. We make it run fast on those platforms, by benchmarking those cloud providers’ infrastructure and using the latest and greatest technology components to give you the best possible price-performance. We call it Workload Intelligence, and it’s a major differentiator.

We take care of configuring the back-end Spark and Hadoop infrastructure along with the best cloud infrastructure based on your workload requirements, data volumes, and price-performance considerations. We make it simple to securely load data from a variety of sources with our enterprise-ready gateways. And we provide access to RStudio – and a variety of other analytic tools, notebooks, libraries and other goodies – in an easy-to-use web-based interface.

The RStudio cloud service and platform is fully-managed, which means that ADA takes care of everything. That means all platform upgrades, changes to cloud infrastructure, operations…there’s a long list of things that you won’t need to worry about. We’re also tracking the latest cloud technologies and developments. That means we optimize the service for you, and regularly add new features to the platform.


When you start migrating data and analytics to the cloud, you quickly realize how many different components are involved. There’s the cloud infrastructure. The database. The analytics engines. Additional management tools. Security. And maybe services required to stitch it all together. If you want best-of-breed tools like RStudio Server Pro vs whatever the cloud vendor builds in, you need special skills to manage it. Then what happens when something goes wrong?

With ADA, you’ll enjoy a singular support experience. One vendor for everything in your data and analytics platform. One bill for everything. One point of contact when things don’t go smoothly. Zero devops. No more worries.