AI in Save Lives

AI to Save Lives

Personalized healthcare from data analytics

Healthcare organizations have access to vast amounts of patient data including electronic health records (EHR), which detail demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, vital signs and lab results; a wealth of insights that can be leveraged for better, and more personalized, healthcare.

Proactive ICU admission saves lives

Did you know that patients who undergo an unplanned transfer to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) experience significantly worse outcomes than patients who are admitted to the ICU directly? Studies show that patients who are moved to an ICU as a result of a sudden deterioration typically stay in the hospital 8 to 12 days longer, and have significantly higher mortality rates, than patients who are not rushed to intensive care from another ward.

Real-time preventive care made possible by AI

AI enables real-time preventive care, e.g. early prediction of ICU admission. With ADA, data scientists can develop metrics and thresholds from patient data so that the hospital care team will be notified immediately if a patient shows signs of “crashing.” Moreover, early signs of cancer can be detected at a curable stage by finding circulating tumor DNA in blood.

Transform healthcare to create personalized care

No two patients are identical, and healthcare organizations strive to provide preventive and personalized care to patients. AI finds unique insights about patients and predicts how patients will respond after observing certain indicators. Work with ADA to address use cases such as drug discovery, patient trials, pharma and drug matching faster and more accurately.